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We produce high quality swimwear for many brands around the world. Bali's best swimwear factory.

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Swimwear Indonesia

Established in 2001 and located in Bali Indonesia. We are a family owned and operated factory specialising in Swimwear. We pride ourselves on high quality, consistent workmanship and commitment. We work extremely close with all of our clients to partner with them in their business to ensure they receive the best swimwear collections possible & their visions are achieved.

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    We understand that everyone isn’t a designer with technical abilities. We are advanced with working with tech packs, sketches or simply images of inspiration. Our team can help you create your vision and execute what you have in mind. Each style has a new pattern created to ensure that each brand is kept confidential and individual.

    Once the designs are submitted we can proceed to your first fit sample. It is also at this time you can place your print files and range colors for lab dipping and strike offs. From there, the process is extremely simple.

    You can fit your samples and make any required amendments or proceed direct to final sampling or bulk. In general, first fits can take anywhere form 2 to 4 week depending on factory schedules.